Thursday, May 7, 2009

kickball, drink specials and me

new york city social sports club, or NYCSSC, offers casually competitive sports leagues for young professionals.  they have dodge ball, ultimate frisbee, softball, and inner tube water polo.  

you are now reading the blog of a proud member of a NYCSSC kickball team!  

The great thing about this organization is that it's run by people like us!  they "get it."  NYCSSC is currently offering a "pink slip special" which gives 25% off your registration fee if you've lost your job in the past six months.  check!  it offers post-game drink specials for those who like to socialize and drink.  check!

i'm looking forward to playing kickball with my friend, making some new friends, and having a great time playing outside!


  1. Bunt advice: just let the ball hit your foot, go 4 inches and book it to 1st! I wish I could play with you! -- Kate :)