Tuesday, May 12, 2009

antiques and me

it's that time of year again!  time for the brimfield antique show in western mass.

brimfield happens for one week every may, july and september.  it began in the 1950s, and is one one of the country's largest and best-known outdoor antique fairs.  i started going with my parents when i was in elementary school and try to go every year!

over 6,000 dealers come from all around the country with all sorts of treasures.  you can find vintage clothes, records, fiestaware, old oak dressers, and oil lamps.  my favorite is the occasional "dollar box."  digging through a box of junk and whatever you find in there is... a dollar!

it's a great way to get some sun, do some walking, and pet the random dogs!

brimfield... here i come!

1 comment:

  1. i found a flawless black coach court bag for $40!

    current retail price... $258!