Monday, August 10, 2009

spidey and me

the NY times reported today that work on the upcoming spiderman musical has been suspended due to "unexpected cash flow problems."


rumors i heard around the office were that stagehands hadn't received pay in several weeks!  with U2's bono as one of the creative forces behind the show, can't he just sign some checks? 

anyway, maybe in this time off they re-cast the roll of MJ... i just can't see evan rachel wood kissing my man, peter parker.  that bitch.

the musical is still set to begin previews on february 25th at the hilton theater.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

madrid and me

i'm leaving for madrid in two weeks!

my boyfriend's co-worker is getting married there and so we are making a mini-vacation of it!  can't wait!

so the only "must" i've been told is the prado, where we will see masterpieces by el greco, velazquez, raphael, goya, rembrandt and more...

i'm been doing my reading and research, and i'm really looking forward to all the tapas, paella, and vino.  i'm kind of a "foodie" in that i like to eat... not that i know what i'm eating.

has anyone been?  can you suggest your favorite places? 

Monday, July 6, 2009

my under 21 year-old boyfriend and me...

rupert grint has the swine flu...

i'm nervous he may have passed it on to me when i was kissing photos of him in "tiger beat."

Friday, June 26, 2009

h-o-r-s-... and me!

wait... SHAQ is joining LEBRON JAMES in cleveland next season?

good luck everyone else in the NBA.

good luck.

michael jackson stands alone.

yesterday we lost a great talent.  RIP MJ.

michael jackson stands alone as the king of pop.  not only has he been a huge influence on the music world, with such hit albums as "off the wall" and "thriller" but he was also an ICON of dance and fashion.  come on, i remember doing the zombie "thriller dance" in my friend's basement in first grade!

and in fact, i think someone recently once bet me $1.00 that i wouldn't moonwalk to the bathroom at beauty bar, and... thanks for the beer money marisa.

here are my personal top five favorite michael jackson songs (in no particular order):
1)  P.Y.T.
2)  scream (and it's $7 million music video)
3)  rock with you
4)  the way you make me feel
5)  billie jean

with a special nod to "will you be there" from the "free willy soundtrack."

thanks for everything michael.  you will be missed.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

don't you tweet at me!


gross. tmi.

jenny and jenni!

fourth of july is coming!  time for blue, white and red... hair!

this summer's river to river festival, which sponsors free arts events around NYC, is host to my new independence day plans.

jenny lewis at battery park!

headlining is conor oberst (of bright eyes fame).  love it.