Thursday, July 9, 2009

madrid and me

i'm leaving for madrid in two weeks!

my boyfriend's co-worker is getting married there and so we are making a mini-vacation of it!  can't wait!

so the only "must" i've been told is the prado, where we will see masterpieces by el greco, velazquez, raphael, goya, rembrandt and more...

i'm been doing my reading and research, and i'm really looking forward to all the tapas, paella, and vino.  i'm kind of a "foodie" in that i like to eat... not that i know what i'm eating.

has anyone been?  can you suggest your favorite places? 

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  1. Roger went to college there. I'll get some hot spots for you from him. I was only there once for a couple of days (years ago) and the Prado was closed. However instead I went to the Reina Sofia which is right down the street and has tons of great modern art, including the best Dali and Picasso paintings. The most amazing piece of art i have ever seen in person is there - Picasso's Guernica - it is massive!