Friday, June 26, 2009

michael jackson stands alone.

yesterday we lost a great talent.  RIP MJ.

michael jackson stands alone as the king of pop.  not only has he been a huge influence on the music world, with such hit albums as "off the wall" and "thriller" but he was also an ICON of dance and fashion.  come on, i remember doing the zombie "thriller dance" in my friend's basement in first grade!

and in fact, i think someone recently once bet me $1.00 that i wouldn't moonwalk to the bathroom at beauty bar, and... thanks for the beer money marisa.

here are my personal top five favorite michael jackson songs (in no particular order):
1)  P.Y.T.
2)  scream (and it's $7 million music video)
3)  rock with you
4)  the way you make me feel
5)  billie jean

with a special nod to "will you be there" from the "free willy soundtrack."

thanks for everything michael.  you will be missed.

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